Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Transport Charges

Packages (rods, tubes & cut pieces) up to 10Kg or the value of £ 50.00 nett

Packages (rods, tubes & cut pieces) 10-100Kg or the value of £ 500.00 nett

Packages (rods, tubes & cut pieces) over 100Kg or the value of £ 500.00 nett

Sheets weighing more than 25 Kg in total ( 2000 x 1000 mm pallet load)

Certificates of Conformity

These must be requested prior to goods being dispatched. We cannot issue certificates once the goods

have left our warehouse.

Our standard charge is £7.50

Checking of Parcels

Please count the number of packages/parcels received before signing any document. Make sure it
tallies with the quantity appearing on the delivery note.

If you receive any damaged packages please write "damaged package" on the driver's copy of the
delivery note and inform us immediately.